Tuesday, 8 February 2011

sweetmoments (everything pastry): my first blog!!! (choc truffles for Valentines!)

sweetmoments (everything pastry): my first blog!!! (choc truffles for Valentines!)

my first blog!!! (choc truffles for Valentines!)

Hi, be patient with me, I'm just getting started on this blog malarky!.....what shall we start with??? how about some yummy chocolate truffles to celebrate with on this upcoming Valentines day? something a little easy to begin! I have made these sooo many times over the years in places I've worked, simple to make and they don't take alot of time, plus you can get adventurous with flavours!
600g dark chocolate (you can use milk if u prefer but this is so nice!)
250ml double cream
flavouring to taste ( whiskey, baileys etc, vanilla....anything really

heat the cream up til it's just about to boil and pour it onto the broken up chocolate, beat til it becomes glossy and then add your flavour of choice ( I like to use whiskey for dark, amaretto for milk and baileys for white) set the mixture aside til its firm enough to roll into balls. I use a parisienne scoop (melon baller) dipped in hot water to get all of my truffles the same size and shape. once you have rolled all your truffles you can coat them in all sorts of things! dessicated coconut, cocoa powder, chopped nuts.......the list is endless! have a go and let me know the results

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